A healthy lifestyle has an important role in my life. In addition to yoga, meditation and a healthy diet, essential oils are a further component for me to take care of my well-being. Since I am so happy to use them and do them in many ways incredibly well, I would also like to share this with you.

Let yourself be inspired by how these special plant essences can be a help for your everyday life. See how powerful changes can happen in your life by integrating pure oils into your life that contain the most precious things that nature can give us. The nature is almost in one drop.

An essential oil is the most effective form of plant-based medicine available. Most drugs we use today are based on the original knowledge about plants. Science has been inspired by the ethereal substances of a plant and then imitated synthetically. The essential oils, are of the highest therapeutic quality. They develop a direct resonance in the body: the effect is very directly noticeable.

Completing your yoga and meditation practices with the oils is an absolute enrichment. For this I use, for example, lavender (for relaxation), incense (for the spiritual connection) or the Breathe-oil mixture (for a free, deep breathing)

How can we support essential oils?

  • They relieve inflammation, balance the hormonal system, improve the skin’s appearance, and even repair acne, as well as other skin impurities. They help to detoxify the body.
  • Essential oils make the air and surfaces in the house free from bacteria and viruses. They are also capable of reducing allergic reactions.
  • In addition to all these physical aspects, they have a positive effect on the emotional condition and improve our spiritual perception.
  • The intro kit consists of lavender + lemon + peppermint. Thus, the most important base oils are covered for the beginning:
  • Lavender soothes and supports a deep and restful sleep. Even children love it when they are rubbing their soles in the evening. In addition, lavender is an aid to wounds and mild skin irritation.
  • Lemon has a purifying character: every day I make a large carafe of filtered water and 2 drops of lemon and drink it over the morning.
  • Lemon also supports the ability to concentrate. Spray into the air in the atomizer for a refreshingly pleasant room climate.
  • Peppermint is unbeatable with headaches (apply a drop to the hairline and the temples and the headaches are blown away), good in digestive problems, muscle soreness and overheating.